Annual Meeting

The Resource Center holds its annual Membership Meeting and Election

National Recognition

TRC earns national award for program that promotes the professional development of its direct support workforce.

STARS Capital Campaign - Donate Now!

STARS Capital Campaign: Contributing to a Healthier Community

Productive Partnership

Collaboration with the University at Buffalo results in increased employment opportunities for people with disabilities


Senator Catharine Young helps secure funding for TRC's broad-scale system integration (the "STARS" initiative).

Employment Awards

Kyle Keller and The Home Depot receive State recognition

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The Resource Center’s 2014 Membership Card is now available, offering discounts at local businesses.

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Please consider making a generous donation to TRC Foundation to help fund services for persons with disabilities in the Chautauqua County area. Thank you for your support!

Main Event

Get more information about TRC Golf Classic

TRC Golf ClassicThe 18th annual edition of our most successful fund-raiser tees off Monday, August 11, at Moon Brook Country Club. In addition to the regular golf tournament and the Special Olympics putting contest, we've added a new event - the "Copter Drop" will see hundreds of golf balls dropped from a helicopter, with more than $9,000 in prizes to be awarded.

Featured Articles

Hey Doc, Stop Stressing Me Out!

By Steve Riczker Director of Health Services The Resource Center Do you tend to experience higher blood pressure readings when you’re at the doctor than you do when taking your own blood pressure at home? If so, you may be experiencing what is commonly known as “white-coat hypertension”, a fairly common phenomenon. Even though it […]

Survey being conducted to determine region’s transportation needs

Transportation plays a vital role in the prosperity of all of everyone who lives in the Western New York and the Finger Lakes. Without adequate transportation, people cannot access opportunities for employment, education, healthcare, and community life.  And for people with disabilities, successful community inclusion, as mandated by the Olmstead Act, and an integral part of Governor […]

18th annual Laurel Run takes place July 18-19

If it’s July, it must be time for Laurel Run. The 18th annual version of Wayne and Elaine Hotelling’s tribute to their oldest daughter takes place July 18-19.  Come and join us for a fun event that celebrates the achievements of people with disabilities!  Read more. In addition to the main Laurel Run events, our […]

Join us for NYSARC’s 65th anniversary celebration

NYSARC, Inc., America’s largest non-profit organization serving people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families, is gearing up for its 65th anniversary celebration.  As NYSARC’s Chautauqua County chapter, The Resource Center plans to take part in the celebration.  And we invite our employees, the individuals we serve, their families, and all of those […]