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  • The Resource Center offers community speakers bureau

    Is your business, church group or civic organization searching for topics and speakers? If so, The Resource Center is your answer.

    Because The Resource Center is a large, comprehensive not-for-profit organization that offers a wide range of services, the agency has speakers who can give presentations on a variety of topics.

    These include:

    • The history of The Resource Center, from its beginnings in 1959 as a small network of families wanting better lives for their children with disabilities, to TRC’s status today as one of Chautauqua County’s largest employers.
    • Finding out exactly what goes on at The Resource Center, from the 30 homes the agency operates in Chautauqua County to TRC’s day programs.
    • Learning that The Resource Center’s services aren’t just for people with disabilities, as anyone in the community can access the agency’s primary care, dental care, behavioral health counseling, and physical therapy services.
    • The important role The Resource Center plays in the county’s health care delivery system as a safety-net provider, and the devastating effect that would occur if TRC stopped providing health care services.
    • The Affordable Care Act and the impacts of health care reform on Chautauqua County.
    • The diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.
    • Changes in New York State’s behavioral health care delivery system.
    • The history of services and supports for people with disabilities and their families.
    • The responsibilities of businesses and governments under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • Employment opportunities for people with disabilities and the advantages to local businesses of hiring workers with disabilities.
    • The Resource Center’s 35-year history as a supplier for the federal government and the important role TRC has played in protecting America’s fighting forces and aiding civilian victims in war-torn areas. Many people are amazed to learn that hundreds of items used by the U.S. military are manufactured in Chautauqua County and that TRC shipped $35 million in products to the federal government in 2012.
    • How the community benefits from The Resource Center, its employees and the people with disabilities TRC supports. TRC employees and service recipients volunteer at dozens of local not-for-profit agencies, and The Resource Center financially supports a number of community initiatives.
    • Volunteer opportunities at The Resource Center, from working directly with people with disabilities, to serving on a committee to assisting with one of the agency’s annual special events, such as Street JAM, Laurel Run, TRC Golf Classic, or Step Up for Autism.

    To request a speaker, complete our online request form below. For more information, contact Steve Waterson, Community Relations Director at 661-4735 or steve.waterson@resourcecenter.org.

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