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    Employment Services

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    Employment Services

    The mission of Employment Services is to provide training, employment opportunities and support to assist adults with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining community employment.

    We offer a full range of supports and services, including pre-employment services (job seeking skills and job readiness), job placement, case management, job coaching, and job retention services. The goal is to assist individuals in knowing the sense of pride, satisfaction and self-worth that come from earning real wages for performing meaningful work.

    Other services

    The Resource Center also offers center-based employment options. And for individuals who are not ready for work, TRC offers a variety of other options to help them be productive and independent. We also assist employers looking to hire persons with disabilities, and we perform subcontracting work for area businesses. And as one of the largest employers in Chautauqua County, TRC offers a variety of work opportunities for people looking for a career in the human service field or those who want to pick up some part-time hours.


    How can we help you?

    Are you an individual with a disability who is looking for assistance in:

    • Getting back into the workforce?
    • Learning how to interview for a job?
    • Creating a resume?
    • Need help finding and keeping a job?
    • Need help getting a Drivers License?
    • Need help on deciding what path to choose?

    See the information below on this page!

    Manufacturing Employment

    As an employee at one of our manufacturing locations in Jamestown or Dunkirk,  you have a lot of different choices of the work you can perform. All of the positions can be done by any individual by receiving the training you need and by getting paid for your work. You can work as a full time worker or pursue part time work.  If you need a structured environment and supervision or someone to give you a bit more direction, we have positions with people to help you. If you are looking for something where you can be a bit more independent, we have jobs for that setting too! Whatever it is you are looking for, it is our goal to fulfill you needs and help you to be successful within our manufacturing locations in our community.

    If you do need extra supervision or someone to provide you a bit more direction, we have case management that can help you meet your needs. This person will work with you one on one to make sure your work experience is set up exactly the way you want. You could work three hours, leave for health-related services, participate in any of our other programs, and then return to work to finish your day. We can also provide you with transportation if you don’t drive or have any other sources of transportation.

    Reaching your goals

    If your goal is to find employment, work at one of The Resource Center’s manufacturing locations, or start with us and work your way into the community- we will help you achieve those goals. We have numerous employment services that can assist you in obtaining a job!


    You will have projects such as working on grounding rods for electronic and mobile radio sets for the troops and their tents. We also provide a lot of projects through local companies where you can help package and produce items they need at their facilities for packaging food and other items. These projects and products are produced by hand or with the different automated machines we utilize in our work center. These positions are paid starting at minimum wage or better, and allow you to work towards higher skilled or paid jobs, as well as jobs within our local community.

    Manufacturing and Sewing

    You will have the pleasure of working on packs or protective gear and vests utilized by the Department of Defense in jobs that include gluing, sewing and inspection. These packs are sewn specifically to be able to be stuffed with medical or emergency supplies for the troops. The vests and gear are sewn as protective wear as part of the uniform the troops are provided while in the field. Other sewing projects include items such as dog beds, covers for toolboxes, or special insulated covers for machinery.

    If you have a love for sewing, and want to support this type of product then this is the job for you. These positions start out at minimum wage and most of the work is produced during first shift.


    You will put together products piece by piece such as jewelry boxes or packages and equipment for soldiers for the Department of Defense. There is a wide variety of work available but either way this job allows hands on work, putting together work one step at a time, at your own speed, until we get things done. There are orders placed with quantity and time requirements. Most of this work is done by hand, and we will work as a team to meet these goals and deadlines. These products are also made available through local companies that ask for our help in making their business successful.

    Janitorial and Environmental

    You will be working more independently. These positions are for those able and willing to go out into the local community. You may be placed to clean one of our many TRC facilities or go out to places such as Jamestown’s City Hall or the rest stops on the highly traveled Interstate 86 where you will be doing jobs such as cleaning, washing and waxing floors and windows, and performing janitorial duties. These positions are all different shifts and public transportation is available if you cannot provide transportation for yourself. This is a fun and fulfilling job to know you can service and keep your community clean, and get paid minimum wage or better at the same time!

    Ron Privitera works at the rest area on the eastbound lane of Interstate 86 in Chautauqua County. It is a beautiful building that overlooks Chautauqua Lake. Ron has the privilege of cleaning the building for the The Resource Center where they have a cleaning contract with the NYS Department of Transportation and NYSID employs Ron as the custodian.

    Cleaning this building is very important because this is most often the first stop that tourists stop at while traveling through our area, and a good first impression is a must. This facility is open 365 days a year. The cleaning crew is very proud of the job that they do, and have received many compliments from its visitors.

    Ron came to TRC in 2005, the same year he graduated high school. His prior duties mowing lawns and helping relatives clean a local hotel prepared him for this job. While not only becoming an excellent cleaner through his job at the rest area, he has developed many friends with all who work with him. Ron states that before he started his job, he was quiet and not very outgoing, but after working at the rest area, meeting people from all over the world and hearing amazing stories of their travels, he has become much more social.

    Rons goal is to get his own apartment and become more independent, and he has told us that this job is one of the bricks in the foundation of his independence. As part of his goal, he has acquired his driver’s license and purchased a car with his earnings. Outside of work, Ron has an interesting hobby, making digital videos, which he started back in school. He shares the videos with friends and relatives, and also posts some on YouTube.

    Ron is an excellent employee and friend to many people at The Resource Center. His work and attendance are extraordinary!

    Community Based Employment

    The mission of Employment Services is to provide training, employment opportunities and support to assist adults with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining community employment.

    We offer a full range of supports and services, including pre-employment services (job seeking skills and job readiness), job placement, case management, job coaching, and job retention services. The goal is to assist individuals in knowing the sense of pride, satisfaction and self-worth that come from earning real wages for performing meaningful work.

    Supported Employment

    Supported Employment is founded on the belief that anyone can work if they are provided the right support. Individuals who have not traditionally participated in competitive employment based upon their disability are the primary focus of Supported Employment.

    The expected outcome of Supported Employment is that individuals will maintain the appropriate level of employment (either full/part time) based upon their skills, interest and abilities

    Supports for people with disabilities are individualized and include On-Site Job Coaching, designed to help ensure success and satisfaction at work.

    Individuals are referred to Supported Employment provided by The Resource Center through ACCESS-VR.

    Other ancillary supports provided in conjunction with Supported Employment can include: Coordination, scheduling and referrals for other services; addressing housing and family concerns. Supports related to review of budgeting and financial concerns including benefits management. Individuals can also be assisted with medical related referrals; travel training; crisis intervention and advocacy services.

    In the event of a job loss, assessment of individuals’ needs and future supports will be done in coordination with the individual and members of their support system to devise a new plan of service. Depending on the circumstances, this could mean another job placement, formal schooling or job training, referral for other day services, or other support services as necessary and appropriate.

    For more information please contact:
    Terri Johnson, Director of Employment and Community-Based Services at 716-661-1433 or through email at terri.johnson@resourcecenter.org

    Job Coaching

    Job coaching is a service designed to assist eligible ACCESS-VR candidates to meet the changing work requirements of employers. Job coaching can be used as a training method to prepare an individual for employment with a particular employer. Coaching can be used with a new job or when job tasks change and the individual needs to get re-acclimated with the new tasks.

    The employer advises the job coach about the job standards and then the job coach helps to train the employee. As the worker learns the job tasks, the coach’s involvement gradually fades, but is available for follow up.

    Job coaching can also be provided within the context of a larger program known as supported employment. These programs provide both the worker and the employer with on-going support. As the worker learns the job tasks, the job coach’s involvement fades to one or two visits per month to regularly check on the worker’s job performance.

    Job Coaches can also provide assistance with:

    Learning formal and informal job site related expectation:

    • Time and attendance
    • Appearance and dress
    • Communication

    Acquiring site appropriate work-related behaviors:

    • Interaction with co-workers
    • Interaction with Supervisors

    Acquiring the sense of belonging to the workforce, encouraging full integration and participation with employment related setting.

    Understanding the benefits of employment:

    • Paycheck
    • Time-off policies
    • Participation in employee offered programs
    • Health care utilization

    For more information please contact:
    Terri Johnson, Director of Employment and Community-Based Services at 716-661-1433 or through email at terri.johnson@resourcecenter.org

    Job Placement

    Job Placement services allow an Employment Specialist to work with each individual to maximize independence to enable learning and understanding of the job search process. The goal is to obtain employment in a field of work that will be of interest and that the individual can successfully maintain based upon disability or other barrier to employment and be financially viable.

    An individual referred for Job Placement services from VESID often has a work history and has experienced barriers to maintaining ongoing employment or is requiring assistance to explore other options after a disabling condition has occurred. Many individuals have been out of the workforce for periods of time.

    Our Job Placement staff specialize in assisting individuals to successfully reenter the workforce and can help the individual anticipate and plan for issues that could encounter such as fatigue, anxiety uncertainty and learning new skills.

    Provision of employment related counseling will be provided to address information relevant to specific job openings, job duties, skills needed, hours, wages, transportation, benefits advisement and working conditions.

    Follow up is provided for a minimum of 90 days subsequent to the start of employment. Contacts are made at a minimum at the 2-week; 30,60 and 90 day point with both the individual and the employer to ensure the placement is meeting the needs of both parties.


    For more information please contact:
    Terri Johnson, Director of Employment and Community-Based Services at 716-661-1433 or through email at terri.johnson@resourcecenter.org

    Vocational Evaluation

    Standardized tests are used to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie and the results are matched against a list of hundreds of different jobs. This gives us an idea of what you can do, and what training could work for you. If you’re physically strong and good with tools, you might like a job in the trades, such as welder, electrician, or mason. If you use a wheelchair and are good with your hands, a sit down job like sewing or parts assembly job may be for you. Do you have a good head for numbers? Perhaps a career in accounting or inventory management is for you. The possibilities are endless.

    Vocational evaluation may also identify any special obstacles. For example, you might have a learning disability such as dyslexia, or perhaps you have a mental health challenge such as depression.

    The goal of evaluation is to identify where you are strong and where you need support. From there, we can help you work toward your job goal.

    Assessments are chosen on an individual basis depending upon what vocational information is needed. Academic ability and interests are usually established first, with following assessments based on this information. Specific skills assessed may include fine and gross motor ability, size and color discrimination, visual acuity, and aptitude for the work fields such as clerical, mechanical, industrial, service, art, science, and business.

    The vocational plan is developed as the individual’s skills and interests are identified. Career exploration may include using resources such as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and resources on the Internet. Information on local education and training programs are available from the staff.

    For more information please contact:
    Terri Johnson, Director of Employment and Community-Based Services at 716-661-1433 or through email at terri.johnson@resourcecenter.org

    Services to Employers

    Supported Employment is dedicated to providing employers and local businesses with a solid employee to enhance the future success of your company. This service guarantees a 100 percent employee from the first day he or she arrives on the job. We can guarantee this service through our supported involvement. Here is a look at all the ways our program is beneficial to your company.

    • Our individuals are pre-screened to ensure that they are ready and motivated to begin working.
    • We believe in a perfect match. This means assisting the individuals in finding employment that the individual is able and interested in performing to ensure you, the employer, is getting a quality employee.
    • Assistance is provided in all responsibilities of employment by a Job Coach – paid for and insured by The Resource Center, and a benefit to you the employer.
    • Job Coaches ensure that the individual accomplishes all tasks and company needs with excellence, so that your company functions at its highest capacity.
    • We offer Job Carving, in which we study your company’s daily operations and try to identify a job that can be time-consuming for one employee, and possibly turn it into two different positions, thus enhancing your company’s efficiency.
    • Supported Employment also offers Job Sharing, which enables your company to take one full-time position and break it into two part-time positions. This benefits your company by cutting the costs of employee benefits, as well as creating the ability to assist when there is a need for someone to fill in due to employee vacations.
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) information and training.
    • Our program also has a direct financial benefit through the opportunity of a tax credit. The first year there is a credit of up to $2,400, and the second year a credit of up to $2,100.

    Supported Employment continues to work on the accommodations of both the individuals and employers to make a strong, successful relationship. Your participation with our program may open up endless possibilities for the future success of your company.

    Please read some of our employer quotes below to see the value of hiring workers from The Resource Center:

    Employer Quotes

    “It’s a lot of fun.” Applebee’s Manager, Bob

    “We have found great success with employee referrals from The Resource Center. We find them to be personable, well-rounded people who are not only well liked, but who have consistently proven they can do well in a manufacturing environment. We feel privileged to be a part of this program.” Artone Manufacturing Materials Manager, Bob Nordin

    “I think it’s a very good program.” Wendy’s Assistant Manager, Jody

    “Very accommodating.” Friendly’s Manager, Tom

    “I feel the services are great and applicants do well with Job Coaches. Job Developers do well promoting the services.” WCA Hospital Human Resources, Pam

    “It’s nice knowing that we are able to integrate those with disabilities into the workforce and be confident in the program The Resource Center provides to make it successful. The people we hire do a great job, and the people we work with in the hiring process, including the Job Coaches, are wonderful and on top of things.” Truck-Lite, Melissa Johnston, Trainer

    “My experience working with the program is that it has been an asset to our hotel operations.” Chautauqua Suites, Karen Kulig, Director of Housekeeping

    “Our experience with The Resource Center has been very fulfilling and rewarding. Through the efforts of the Faculty Student Association at SUNY Fredonia and The Resource Center, FSA has been able to fill several positions. The applicants have worked out extremely well. These individuals have been successful in accomplishing their job responsibilities and we hope to continue a long working relationship with The Resource Center.” SUNY FSA, Lorrie Corsi, Human Resources Director

    Drivers Training

    A NYS Certified Driver Training instructor provides individual, comprehensive assessments of a person’s ability to learn how to be a safe, competent driver. The Resource Center has provided Driver rehabilitation and drivers training since 1980.

    Driver training services are provided based on needs identified in the evaluation. This is an assessment of the individual’s ability and potential to become a safe, independent driver. The driver evaluation is the preparatory phase for all other driver rehab services. The evaluation may include review of disability information, a clinical screening of physical functioning and vision and visual perception, and when needed, assessment of cognition and wheelchair transferring.

    The driver specialist trains the individual by behind the wheel sessions that teach interacting with traffic, traffic laws, how to maintain speed, how to avoid delays at intersections and preparation for road testing.

    Safety is a primary concern and TRC reserves the rights to terminate services, temporarily or otherwise, if safety issues warrant such action. Individuals are trained behind the wheel until they are deemed competent to take and pass the NYS licensing test.

    Once the training is completed, the Driver Rehab. Specialist will assist in scheduling and completing the NYS road test.

    Most services are completed after a referral is made from ACCESS-VR.

    We accept referrals from other sources such as doctor offices, schools and individuals. Arrangements can be made for private payment.

    For more information please contact:
    Terri Johnson, Director of Employment and Community-Based Services at 716-661-1433 or through email at terri.johnson@resourcecenter.org

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