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  • Below is a list of key contacts and staff members able to assist you with any related query you may have. If you would like to contact anyone on this page, please visit this link and include their name in the question/comment field. We will ensure they receive the message and they will respond as soon as possible.

    Executive Support Team

    Denise Jones, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Kelly Dimitri, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer
    Joanne Bevan, Assistant Executive Director for Intellectual and Developmental Disability Operations
    Heather C. Brown, Assistant Executive Director for Program Operations
    Virginia Vath, Assistant Executive Director for Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement and Compliance

    Executive Management Team

    Michele Albaugh, Director, Staff Learning & Development & Agency Facilitation
    Jason Basile, Director of Facilities Management
    Todd Frangione, Director of Business Operations
    Elisa Galuppo, Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
    Paul Giannini, Director of Information Services
    Rhonda Howard, Director of Human Resources and Personnel
    Terri Johnson, Director of Employment and Community-Based Services
    Randall Lewis, Esq., Corporate Counsel
    Kristen MacKenzie, Director of Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services
    Kathryn Curtis, Director of Behavioral Health and Care Coordination
    Selina Phillips, Executive Administrative Assistant
    Betsy Thayer, Director of Fiscal Services
    Steve Waterson, Director of Community Relations, Marketing and Development

    Other Key Contacts

    Family Support / Guardianship

    Marcia Restivo, Family Support and Engagement Specialist

    Home Sharing and Respite

    Leslie Fickling, Coordinator

    Human Resources

    Alda Brown, Administrator
    Sterling "Rosie" Feaster, Talent Manager/Recruiter
    Nicholas Bell, Administrator

    Senior Adult Day Habilitation

    Debbie Rapp, Administrator

    Special Events

    Victoria Trass Bardo, Manager

    Primary Care Services

    Stephen Riczker, Practice Manager, South County

    Dental Services

    Dr. Jeff Borst, Interim Dental Practice Manager

    Health-Related Services

    Daniel Tota, Practice Manager, Health-Related Services

    Records Information Management

    Suzette Benedetto, Coordinator

    Care Coordination & Health Homes

    Thad Lund, Social Services Clinical Specialist

    PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services)

    Cynthia Neu, Program Manager


    Bryan Muecke, Manager

    Information Systems

    Paul Giannini, Director of Information Services
    Jaime Lauffenburger, Assistant Director of Information Services
    Josh Straight, Assistant Director of Information Services

    Marketing Communications, Development & Internet/Ecommerce

    Steve Waterson, Director of Community Relations, Marketing and Development
    Chris Anderson, Marketing & Development Project Manager/Internet Systems & Ecommerce Administrator
    Austin Mitchell, Public Relations Coordinator/Videographer


    200 Dunham Avenue, Jamestown, NY, 14701