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  • TRC produces first-aid kits to support Ukrainian war effort

    The Resource Center recently had the opportunity to support Ukraine in its war against Russia, providing first-aid kits for medics working on the front lines.

    Click here to watch a video of the first-aid kits being assembled and prepared for shipping.

    Workers at Allied Industries, TRC’s manufacturing and employment division, assembled and shipped 2,000 individual first-aid kits (IFAKs).
    Allied was selected to produce the IFAKs by Mission Ready Solutions Inc., a Canadian-based provider of comprehensive government contracting solutions. The kits were delivered to a non-profit organization called Support Hospitals in Ukraine, which currently is focused on delivering tactical medicine, field surgery kits and trauma supplies as a result of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

    The first-aid kits were delivered to ground forces in eastern and southern Ukraine and given to combat medics.

    Here are some of the components of the first-aid kit.

    Allied Industries workers and officials were proud to have the opportunity to assist Ukrainian forces.

    ”I think that it can be very gratifying to work for TRC and, in this case, Allied Industries,” said Paul Fardink, Work Center Contractor. “Allied has long been a supplier of note to our American military and Department of Defense. And, when asked to support humanitarian efforts such as those in Ukraine, we should feel some pride that we at TRC are able to do so.”

    Indeed, this is just the latest example of TRC and Allied Industries providing humanitarian relief. During the Bosnian war in the 1990s and the second Gulf War, Allied produced cargo bags that were used to air-drop relief supplies to residents.

    Other Allied humanitarian initiatives have included providing water-purification tablets to survivors of the 2004 Asian tsunami and donating mosquito netting to Africa.

    While hoping the war between Russia and Ukraine ends soon, Allied officials said they are prepared to produce additional first-aid kits if needed.

    Click here to make a donation to Support Hospitals in Ukraine Foundation.

    A worker prepares to place a label on a box of first-aid kits.

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