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  • The Resource Center honors long-term employees

    The contributions of more than 150 people were recognized when The Resource Center held its annual Employee Service Recognition Luncheon.

    The event, held at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel in Celoron, honored employees and members of the board of directors who, during 2023, reached milestone years of service with The Resource Center.  Combined, the people honored have 1,980 years of service.

    The longest-serving employees recognized at this year’s event were John DePane, Staff Development Specialist, and Deborah Rapp, Day Services Supervisor.  They both have been working at The Resource Center for more than 40 years.

    John DePane and Debbie Rapp hold paintings they were given in appreciation of their 40 years at The Resource Center. The paintings were created by people with developmental disabilities who participate in our art program.


    Honored for 35 years of service with TRC was George Mitchell Jr., maintenance helper.

    George Mitchell


    Those completing 30 years of employment were Faith Baker, Debra Hall, Bruce Main, Cynthia Neu, Philip Opeil, Barry Simmons Jr., Donald Traynor, Steven Waterson, and Kristen Wilson.

    Pictured from left are Steve Waterson, Debra Hall, Cynthia Neu, Faith Baker, Kristen Wilson, Barry Simmons, Don Traynor, and Phil Opiel.


    Recognized for 25 years of service were Lela Berry, Leslie Fickling, Katrina Gibson, Wendy Giunta, Ke-Khee Greenough, Beverly Heglund, Kellie Lyons, Jessica Smith, Jill Suter, and Karen York.

    Pictured from left are Leslie Fickling, Ke-Khee Greenough, Kellie Lyons, and Jessica Smith.


    Honored for 20 years of service were Sondra Apperson, Joanne Bevan, Christine Burger, John Campbell Jr., Minerva Collazo, Angela Dalrymple, Mary Davis, Troy Hicks, Christopher Howard, Dr. Todd Jacobson, Richard Kennedy, Lynn Ling, Erin Lutgen, Thomas Mabes, Maria Martinez, Pennifer McCartney, Alberta Monagle, Brandey Oakes, Lisa Peterson, Regis Pratt, Christopher Rotunda, Tammy Sawyer, Kimberly Scoma, and Daniel Torres.

    Pictured from left are, front row, Tammy Sawyer, Brandey Oakes, Penny McCartney, and Alberta Monagle; and, back row, Maria Martinez, Thomas Mabes, Dr. Todd Jacobson, Christopher Howard, Joanne Bevan, Christine Burger, and John Campbell.


    Completing 15 years of service in 2023 were Dustin Allen, Romaine Bedford, Christopher Clark, Katie Cleland, Dana Ellsworth, Lori Lang, Cathy Lawson, Melissa Lawson, Tammy Mancuso, Danny Mealy Sr., Dr. Adnan Munir, Elizabeth Osarumwense, Kelly Patterson, Haeden Smith, Christian Stenander Tabatha Stenstrom, Connie Truax, Andrea Vullo, Tammy Whippo, and Philip Wright.

    Pictured from left are, front row, Andrea Vullo, Tammy Whippo, Cathy Lawson, and Tammy Mancuso; and, back row, Tabatha Stenstrom, Melissa Lawson, Phillip Wright, Katie Cleland, Dana Ellsworth, and Danny Mealy.


    Recognized for 10 years of service were Courtney Beckerink, Angelica Camacho, CodyAnne Chambers, Amy Curtin, Michelle DeBose, Jonathan DeSantis, Jennifer DeWolf, Jennifer Diaz, Leslie DiNapoli, Brittany Dorman, Kenley Goodwin, Paige Green, Valery Guerrero, Mary Hayes, Edythe Johnson, Charles Klenke, Joseph Koterass, Melissa Lauffenburger, Tara Nitkiewicz, Lynford Osgood, Michael Ostrye, Patricia Perlee, Jodi Sadlowe, Alice Sanchez, Ada Sommers, Joshua Straight, Shannon Studd, and Shelby Surrena.

    Pictured from left are, front row, Michael Ostrye, Alice Sanchez, Leslie DiNapoli, Jen Diaz, Jodi Sadlowe, Amy Curtin, Shannon Studd, and Mary Hayes; and, back row, Charles Klenke, Lyn Osgood, Jon DeSantis, CodyAnne Chambers, Angelica Camacho, Jennifer DeWolf, and Joshua Straight.


    Those who last year completed five years of service with TRC were Douglas Anderson, Brandi Ashdown, Biannca Balliet-Miranda, Brandi Barlow, Priscilla Barone, Lisa Beaujean, Jocelyn Bensink, Joshua Bostaph, Jon Culverwell, Renee Denson, Haydee Diaz, Denise Donelson, Richard Espin, Jacqueline Falto, Alyssa Fardink, Stacey Fardink, Randy Hallett, Beth Hayner, Casey Hetfield, Abigail Hooper, Daja Howie, Beatrice Karda, Melissa Komula, Becky Marsh-Nelson, Kaitlyn Martin, Abigail Matteson, Joseph Mazzurco, Allen McElwain, Jakob Meady, Richard Miller, Tracy Murphy, Julian Nitkiewicz, Damonn Park, Raymond Pfleuger, Douglas Philbrick, Emerson Pickert, Joseph Popielarz, Nefrettiti Ramos, Dylan Reed, James Reed, Ryan Rice, Brittany Rickerson, Pamela Robbins, Moraima Rodriguez, Sheilymar Rodriguez, Jessica Sayers, Harry Shelman, Jarod Smith, Merrie Smith, Lillian Story, Ryan Tarr, Linnel TeCroney, George Tedone, Stephanie Thomas, Amy Watson, Jody Weise, Bismark Woma, and Lucas Young.

    Those recognized this year were able to choose an article of clothing bearing The Resource Center’s logo.

    Welcoming remarks were given by Richard Kimball, the vice chair of TRC’s board of directors.  “We are here today to honor the dedi­cated and committed people who work for The Resource Center for their service in comprehensive capacities to en­rich the lives of persons with disabilities,” Kimball said.

    Remarks also were given by Executive Director Denise Jones.  “Everyone in this room is talented. You could have found work at other places. But you have chosen to work at TRC, and I’m so proud and grateful that you did,” Denise said.

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