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  • The Resource Center holds Annual Meeting, Election

    Patricia Perlee was elected President of The Resource Center’s Board of Directors at the agency’s Annual Membership Meeting, held in the TRC Community Health Center on East Second Street in Jamestown.

    Mike Goldman poses with fellow Board member Jennifer Yost. During his remarks at The Resource Center’s Annual Meeting, Mike credited Jenn with being his inspiration during his three years as Board President. To express his gratitude, Mike gave Jenn a fleece bearing her name and the title, “The Boss.”

    Also elected as officers for the Board’s 2019-20 term were Richard Erickson, Vice President; Marie Carrubba, Esq., Secretary; and Craig Colburn, Treasurer.

    Elected to two-year Board terms were Dr. Dawn Columbare, R. Michael Goldman, Esq., Lisa Goodell, and Elizabeth Williams. Dawn and Mike were reelected to the Board, while Lisa and Elizabeth replaced Donna Haenggi and Marlene Sirianno, Esq. Donna and Marlene had both served three consecutive terms and therefore, in accordance with TRC’s by-laws, had to step down from the Board.

    Elected to the Nominating Committee for The Resource Center’s 2020 election were Deborah Brown, Wayne Hotelling, Julie McCarthy, Rita Monaco, and Sharon Richards.

    Reports on The Resource Center’s 2018 activities were given by Mike, who was the Board President the previous three years, and Executive Director Denise Jones. Craig gave the financial report.

    “It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as your President,” Mike said. “When I took over the position, my priorities were to create financial stability, improve staff collegiality, all while maintaining our quality of care. And I’m happy to report and to say, we have done so.”

    In his financial report, Craig said TRC had enjoyed a successful year. Revenues were about $79 million while expenses were $76.5 million. He noted that TRC’s 2018 external audit resulted in zero adjustments. “For an organization of this size, and particularly this complexity, for our staff to manage the financials and the books good enough that there’s absolutely no adjustments I think is just phenomenal.”

    Board President Patricia Perlee, left, and outgoing Board member Marlene Sirianno.

    Denise shared some of TRC’s results from last year. She noted that the organization had supported 181 people with disabilities to have jobs with 148 employers in the community, and assisted 78 people in starting a job. She added that Allied Industries, TRC’s manufacturing division, ended the year with zero customer returns and zero customer complaints, while achieving a 96 percent on-time delivery rate for its products. Financially, she said The Resource Center realized positive operating results for the fourth straight year.

    Denise thanked Board members for their volunteer service in governing the organization. “We have a great, interactive Board. Our Board is always more than 50 percent family/blood relatives of people with disabilities, which puts a great focus and a great insight into what we do as an organization, because we know our Board truly cares about what we do.”

    She also praised the commitment and dedication of TRC’s more than 1,000 employees.

    Following the Election, Patty addressed the audience.

    “Thank you all very much for placing your trust in me to lead the Board of Directors for 2019-2020. It’s a responsibility that I will take very seriously but very optimistically,” she said. “We know what fabulous leadership, executive and management teams we have. We know the staff is wonderful. We know where we stand in the community, so it’s with optimism that I accept this position as president of the board of directors.”

    Board President Patricia Perlee, left, poses with outgoing Board member Donna Haenggi.

    In appreciation for his years of service as President, Mike received a painting made by an artist with disabilities in The Resource Center’s Creations Art Program, as well as a plaque. Donna and Marlene also received paintings, as was Thomas Glatz, who left the Board in May after serving for five years.

    The meeting included a presentation by Heather C. Brown, Assistant Executive Director for Service Operations, who gave an overview of The Resource Center’s clinical services and how they performed in 2018. While The Resource Center’s core mission is to support people with disabilities, TRC also provides a range of health and behavioral health services that are available to anyone in the community. Before the meeting began, Heather and other clinical staff provided tours of the recently renovated TRC Community Health Center, which offers primary health care, dental services and counseling services.

    Heather told the audience TRC offers health services at four locations – on Second Street and Jones & Gifford Avenue in Jamestown; at Jamestown High School; and on Lake Shore Drive in Dunkirk. She said The Resource Center has more than 100 health care professionals on staff, and that last year 10,519 patients were served at TRC.

    Patty Perlee and outgoing Board member Tom Glatz.

    “Just about 200 people daily enter this location between all the services when we have a full complement and array of providers,” Heather said.

    The Resource Center is a not-for-profit organization that has been supporting people with disabilities in Chautauqua County for 60 years. In addition, TRC performs subcontracting work for local businesses and the federal government at manufacturing centers in Dunkirk and Jamestown. For more information, phone 483-2344 or visit www.resourcecenter.org.

    200 Dunham Avenue, Jamestown, NY, 14701