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  • Support 11% COLA & DSP Tax Credit in the Final State Budget

    Both houses of the State Legislature released their respective budget measures. The one-house measures outline each Chamber’s priorities. The release of the one-house budget bills is the next step before negotiations between the Assembly, Senate and Governor begin.

    The Executive Budget proposal contained a 5.4% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). The Senate one-house bill accepted the Executive’s COLA proposal. The Assembly one-house measure increased the COLA to 11%.

    With nearly 2 weeks to go before the final State Budget needs to be in place, it’s time to advocate for this important increase to the COLA.

    Please contact your members in the Assembly and Senate tourge support for the 11% COLA.

    You can do this by sending a pre-set message using the One-Click Advocacy Tool found here bit.ly/11percentCOLA . Simply add your first name, last name, email address, street address and zip code to the section ADD YOUR INFO, then hit SEND MESSAGE.

    Once complete, your voice will be heard in Albany.

    NY Alliance and NYDA also seek the inclusion of a PERSONAL INCOME TAX CREDIT FOR DSPS in the final State Budget. The message to legislators includes this budget request and the provisions are outlined in specific bills, S7643-A/A9200-A.

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