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  • Resource Center staff honored for excellent state survey

    The Resource Center recently honored the staff at one of its homes after the residence underwent a positive survey from New York State inspectors.

    Employees who work at one of The Resource Center’s homes on Gifford Avenue in Celoron were honored with TRC’s agency-wide Staff Appreciation Award for the fourth quarter of 2018. TRC officials held a luncheon at the home to honor staff and thank each employee for his or her contributions to the positive survey. Residents of the home, known as the Celoron A Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), have significant health issues.

    Mark Morton, TRC’s assistant executive director of employee relations, presented awards to the Celoron A employees who were able to attend the luncheon. He noted that Coty Anderson, the residence coordinator who oversees the home, had nominated Celoron A staff fir the award. Anderson’s nomination stated that the employees “were essential in Celoron A’s survey, which resulted in no deficiencies and no recommendations. Celoron A is a very medically intense home with a lot going on, and the staff were and continue to be amazing and provide such fantastic care.”

    “It takes a tremendous team effort on the part of all the staff to have a deficiency-free survey in an ICF that provides a home to individuals with such complex physical and medical needs,” Morton said. “The most important part of the results of survey is that it reflects all that you are doing each and every day for the individuals you support.”

    He added that the surveyors observed that Celoron A “is an incredible program, the level of nursing care is incredible, and respectful care means as much, if not more than, a deficiency-free survey. It also provides further indication of your daily commitment to providing quality services and supports.”

    Morton noted that the home opened in January 1987 with 14 residents who previously had lived in deplorable conditions at institutions such as the Willowbrook State School. Morton had been involved in selecting the people who would come to TRC from Willowbrook, and he told the Celoron A staff that “it was and still is noteworthy to have been part of the closing of the horrible institution.” He added that three of Celoron A’s original residents still live there, which he said was amazing given the medical issues experienced by people who typically live in an ICF. “I can also say with 100 percent assurance those who lived here and passed away had a much better quality of life in the years they lived here,” Morton said.

    Other TRC administrators praised the Celoron A staff. Virginia Vath, assistant executive director of quality assurance, quality improvement and compliance, noted that the “surveyors commented on all of the little things” such as the staff’s compassion toward the residents. “You guys are doing an outstanding job.”

    Joanne Bevan, assistant executive director of intellectual and disability services, added that surveyors noted staff’s “exemplary medical care. That’s a huge, huge compliment.”

    “We congratulate you for all your knowledge and teamwork,” said Mary Jo Hamilton, director of intellectual and disability services.

    In recognition of receiving the quarterly staff appreciation award, Celoron A employees were given a monetary award and a certificate.

    Pictured are, from left, front row, Sabrina Stevens, Destiny Passenger, Coty Anderson, and Danielle Parker; second row, Pamela Clark, Pat Bartlett, Cherie Bunce, Jackie Falto, Lisa Korcz, and Dawn Wachter; third row, Jim Haenggi, Casey Hetfield, Wendy Doutt, and Sam Hicks; fourth row, Brandi Ashdown, Deke Magnuson, Angelica Camacho, Samantha Seekings, and Haeden Smith; and, back row, Kassandra Ferry, Nina Carson, Rachel Barto, and Jay Conrad-McEwen. Other members of the Celoron A team who could not attend the luncheon or had to get back to work before the photo was taken include Sherrelle Baker, Jocelyn Bensink, Terri Brandow, Crystal Brunner, Jessica Brock, Bev Butts, Breanna Crawford, Brittany Green, Emily Hill, Elizabeth King, Deb Larsen, Nancy McGuire, Chanell Miller, Travon Mitchell, Mary Jane Mizner, Michelle Smouse, Marion Spitale, Shelby Surrena, Carley Taylor, and Phil Wright.

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