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  • It’s Time to Fix the Family Glitch: Take Action for Affordable Health Care for All Families!

    What Is the Family Glitch?

    Right now, people who do not have access to affordable health insurance through their jobs can get financial help to buy coverage in the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

    But current rules only consider the cost of the insurance for the employee with the job and don’t take into account the cost of insurance for spouses, partners, dependents, or other family members.

    This means that families who need insurance but can’t afford the cost for the whole family on the employee’s plan aren’t guaranteed an affordable option.

    This “glitch” means that 5 million people, including adults and children with disabilities, don’t have access to affordable health coverage.

    The Biden Administration has proposed new rules that would fix the “family glitch,” which left millions of families—including the families of many people with disabilities—ineligible for financial help through the health care marketplace.

    We need your help to turn this proposal into reality so that all people can get affordable access to the health care they need!


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