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    NY State Budget update:

    • Disability service providers like The Resource Center are requesting a 3.2% COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) in the 2024-25 Budget.
    • Governor Hochul’s Budget proposal only includes a 1.5% COLA.
    • The Senate and the Assembly each included the 3.2% COLA in their proposed Budgets.  We are grateful to the Senate and House for including the 3.2% COLA!
    • However, the House and Senate Budget proposal limits the COLA to only covering wages and salaries.  We need the COLA to also cover the other costs of doing business (health insurance, electricity, food, gasoline, maintenance, heat, mandatory insurances, etc.).
    • Leaders in the Senate and Assembly have begun negotiating with Governor Hochul to finalize the State’s 2024-25 Budget.

    Please take a few minutes to use the link below and send a message to our Senate and Assembly representatives.  The message was prepared by the NYS Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.  While the message specifically mentions “3.2% COLA for Mental Health and Addiction Agencies,” the COLA also applies to agencies that support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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