A NYS Certified Driver Training instructor provides individual, comprehensive assessments of a person’s ability to learn how to be a safe, competent driver. The Resource Center has provided Driver rehabilitation and drivers training since 1980.

Driver training services are provided based on needs identified in the evaluation. This is an assessment of the individual’s ability and potential to become a safe, independent driver. The driver evaluation is the preparatory phase for all other driver rehab services. The evaluation may include review of disability information, a clinical screening of physical functioning and vision and visual perception, and when needed, assessment of cognition and wheelchair transferring.

The driver specialist trains the individual by behind the wheel sessions that teach interacting with traffic, traffic laws, how to maintain speed, how to avoid delays at intersections and preparation for road testing.

Safety is a primary concern and TRC reserves the rights to terminate services, temporarily or otherwise, if safety issues warrant such action. Individuals are trained behind the wheel until they are deemed competent to take and pass the NYS licensing test.

Once the training is completed, the Driver Rehab. Specialist will assist in scheduling and completing the NYS road test.

Most services are completed after a referral is made from ACCESS-VR.

We accept referrals from other sources such as doctor offices, schools and individuals. Arrangements can be made for private payment.

For more information please contact:
Terri Johnson, Director of Employment and Community-Based Services at 716-661-1433 or through email at terri.johnson@resourcecenter.org