TRC is dedicated to advocating for individuals with disabilities and other challenges.  The primary focus is on listening and hearing people to ensure every individual has a voice in obtaining services and supports to meet their needs and face the challenges of being as independent as possible.

Helping people with disabilitiesThe Resource Center offers Self-Advocacy groups for both Northern and Southern Chautauqua County.  Self-Advocacy is designed for people with developmental disabilities to share and voice their concerns regarding social issues that affect their lives.  Self-Advocacy groups meet on a monthly quarterly, or as needed basis.

Self-advocates discuss various topics of interest that help move them towards advocating for increased inclusion in their community.  Self-advocates also discuss social issues that are important to a person’s rights.

All of The Resource Center’s Self-Advocacy groups work closely with SANYS (Self-Advocacy Association of New York State, Inc.). SANYS is a not-for profit, grassroots organization run by and for people with developmental disabilities. SANYS’s goal is to help create a person-centered and person-directed system of supports. To further this goal, the SANYS executive board supports self-advocates and self-advocacy groups regionally and statewide, like The Resource Center. SANYS encourages people to speak for themselves individually and collectively.

The Resource Center’s Self-Advocacy groups have traveled to Albany to advocate and lobby for legislative issues that affect people with developmental disabilities.  They also participate in


Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day in Niagara Falls, USA every year.  Not only does this give people a sense of accomplishment, but injects a social element as well so people have an opportunity to interact with their peers.

Additionally, The Resource Center also provides training through SANYS University and promotes other educational opportunities.

For more information about Self-Advocacy, please contact Beth Ray at (716) 366-4439 for Northern Chautauqua County and Leslie Fickling at (716) 485-7231 for Southern Chautauqua County.