Infants, Toddlers, School Age Children and Transitioning Adults with developmental disabilities benefit from comprehensive long-term services. With such services, infants and young children with disabilities are often able to catch up to their peers to their best abilities; become social; play well with others; develop learning skills; language skills; and self-help skills in order for them to be productive and independent at school, home and in the community. Transitioning to adulthood brings on new challenges for your young adults and TRC can support transitioning from school to work, college, or living at home or in the community.

Start with a screening. If a developmental delay is suspected we can help with:

1. A comprehensive assessment of your child’s physical, cognitive, social health.

2. Specific Discipline Assessments of your Child’s communication, mobility , social and emotional health.

3. A Clinical Team with your help can make recommendations for interventions, services and supports available to you and your child.

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