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The Resource Center honors long-term employees

About 140 people were recognized for their years of dedicated service to improving the lives of people with disabilities when The Resource Center held its 34th annual Employee Service Recognition Luncheon.

The event, held January 15 at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel in Celoron, honored employees and members of the board of directors who, during 2018, reached milestone years of service with The Resource Center.

Mark Morton, left, and Karl Erb display gifts they were given in honor of their 40 years at TRC: framed newsletter articles about them. (Mark’s is from 1986, while Karl’s is from 1994.)

The longest-serving employees recognized at this year’s event were Karl Erb of Mayville, a direct support professional (DSP) aide in TRC’s day habilitation program on Lake Shore Drive in Dunkirk, and Mark Morton of Jamestown, assistant executive director for employee relations. They both have been working at The Resource Center for 40 years.

“I’ve had a really great time working here at The Resource Center,” Erb said. “I’ve made a lot of good friends, and had some really fine experiences, and learned a lot, and I feel really rewarded.”

In accepting his award, Morton noted that much has changed at The Resource Center since he joined the agency in 1978, “but the one constant that made it a great place to work then and a great place to work now is the people – the people who receive services, the staff who provide services and supports.”

He added, “I am so thankful for TRC for providing the opportunity for me to make a living and have a career doing what I love to do best: working with individuals who have a disability and working with those who provides services and supports to individuals who have a disability.”

John DePane, Mike Goldman, Denise Jones

Honored for 35 years of service with TRC were:
Linda Braun of Jamestown, supervising nurse
John DePane of Jamestown, staff development specialist
Jennifer Frederick of Jamestown, residence manager
Deborah Rapp of Jamestown, day services supervisor

“I love what I do every day when I get up in the morning, and it’s because of the people we support and certainly the people I’ve been honored to work with,” DePane said.

“I really, truly love coming to my job every single day,” Rapp told the audience. “To all of the new people in our agency: if you have that in your soul, you will know it.”

Debbie Rapp, Mike Goldman, Denise Jones

Jennifer Frederick, Denise Jones, Mike Goldman









Employees recognized for being with the agency for 30 years were:
Dr. Robert Ellis of Stockton, senior psychologist
Rebecca Mirek of Dunkirk, day services supervisor
George Mitchell Jr. of Jamestown, maintenance helper
Karen Moynihan of Ashville, transportation manager

Thirty-year employees Becky Mirek, left, and Karen Moynihan

Those completing 25 years of employment were:
Faith Baker of Jamestown, employment services administrator
Roselle Cash of Brocton, direct support professional (DSP) lead
Pamela Cranston of Westfield, dental assistant
Debra Hall of Bemus Point, DSP careerist
Bruce Main of Jamestown, case manager
Cynthia Neu of Jamestown, manager of personalized recovery-oriented services
Philip Opeil of Forestville, production maintenance technician
Barry Simmons Jr. of Jamestown, mechanic
Philip Thomas of Jamestown, residence manager
Suzanne Tracy of Sinclairville, day services supervisor
Donald Traynor of Bemus Point, staff development specialist
Steven Waterson of Jamestown, community relations director
Kristen Wilson of Jamestown, DSP lead

From left, 25-year employees Faith Baker, Steve Waterson, Roselle Cash, and Barry Simmons Jr.

Recognized for 20 years of service were:
Shawn Avery, Jamestown, community coach
Lela Berry, Panama, residence coordinator
Frances Carlson, Mayville, secretary
Leslie Fickling, Celoron, family care/self-advocacy coordinator
Katrina Gibson, Jamestown, DSP careerist
Wendy Giunta, Jamestown, RC
Ke-Khee Greenough, Silver Creek, mental health clinician
Beverly Heglund, Jamestown, community coach
Robert Sherbine, Jamestown, DSP lead
Jessica Smith, Jamestown, residence coordinator
Jill Suter, Jamestown, day services supervisor
Karen York, Jamestown, DSP aide

Honored for 15 years of service were:
Sondra Apperson, Jamestown, DSP lead
Joanne Bevan, Erie, assistant executive director for program operations
Christine Burger, Jamestown, DSP aide
Jennifer Clark, Dunkirk, DSP careerist
Angela Dalrymple, Bemus Point, DSP careerist
Ernest Green Jr., Falconer, licensed practical nurse (LPN)
Troy Hicks, Jamestown, general aide
Christopher Howard, Jamestown, nurse manager
Dr. Todd Jacobson, Jamestown, board of directors
Lynn Ling, Lakewood, DSP careerist
Erin Lutgen, Jamestown, DSP lead
Thomas Mabes, Stockton, maintenance specialist
Maria Martinez, Jamestown, general aide
Pennifer McCartney, Mayville, community coach
Alberta Monagle, Jamestown, DSP lead
Brandey Oakes, Lakewood, integrated site manager
Jennifer Peters, Jamestown, industrial specialist
Lisa Peterson, Falconer, residence manager
Tammy Sawyer, Cherry Creek, DSP
Kimberly Scoma, Jamestown, site supervisor
Barbara Stewart, Jamestown, board of directors
Julie Swanson, Lakewood, internal auditor
Tina Uber, Jamestown, DSP careerist
Julie Vogan, Jamestown, residence coordinator

Completing 10 years of service in 2018 were:
Dustin Allen of Jamestown, DSP careerist
Sandra Biggers, Sinclaurville, residence manager
Cherie Bunce, Corry, coordinator of nursing services
Bonnie Clark, Jamestown, LPN
Christopher Clark, Jamestown, DSP aide
Katie Cleland, Jamestown, medical aide
Rita Cybulski, Jamestown, DSP aide
Yvonne Gilbert, Dunkirk, lead manufacturing supervisor
Stacy Harrington, Mayville, residence coordinator supervisor
Shawn Johnson, Jamestown, DSP lead
Lori Lang, Warren, site manager insurance specialist
Tammy Mancuso, Jamestown, cook
Danny Mealy Sr., Jamestown, industrial specialist
Dr. Adnan Munir, Lakewood, physician
Elizabeth Nuhfer, Jamestown, DSP careerist
Kelly Patterson, Jamestown, DSP careerist
Gwen Sample, Jamestown, accounts payable clerk
Noelle Saulter, Buffalo, DSP lead
Laura Seiberg, Bemus Point, nurse manager
Haeden Smith, Ashville, DSP aide
Tabatha Stenstrom, Jamestown, life coach
LeeAnn Sunderlin, Jamestown, DSP aide
Connie Truax, Sinclairville, cook
Rita Varney-Smith, South Dayton, case manager
Andrea Vullo, Frewsburg, bookkeeper
Shelly Williamson, Dunkirk, DSP lead
Philip Wright, Ashville, behavior technician

Some 10-year employees pose together.

Recognized for five years of service were:
Tanya Baker, Jamestown, general aide
Leslie Bamburoski, Lakewood, residence manager
Courtney Beckerink, Jamestown, self-determination assistant
Angelica Camacho, Jamestown, LPN
Scott Cappa, Jamestown, community coach
CodyAnne Chambers, Ripley, employment facilitator
Melinda Covell, Kennedy, certified occupational therapy assistant
Amy Curtin, Bemus Point, DSP lead
Jonathan DeSantis, Jamestown, health coach
Jennifer DeWolf, Sheridan, DSP careerist
Jennifer Diaz, Dunkirk, patient registrar
Leslie DiNapoli, Jamestown, accounts receivable clerk
Brittany Dorman, Dunkirk, community coach
Stefanie Gifford, Lakewood, residence manager
Kenley Goodwin, Jamestown, DSP lead
David Gowan, Jamestown, DSP careerist
Paige Green, Kennedy, general aide
Valery Guerrero, Brocton, DSP aide
Donna Haenggi, Lakewood, board of directors
Samuel Hicks, Ashville, DSP lead
Kaylie Himes, Cattaraugus, DSP careerist
Edythe Johnson, Jamestown, community coach
Janice Johnson, Lakewood, human resources specialist
Charles Klenke, Jamestown, purchasing agent
Joseph Koterass, Kennedy, LPN
Bethanne Landy, Celoron, driver
Melissa Lauffenburger, Frewsburg, LPN
Coryn Majck, Fredonia, self-determination assistant
Amanda Majewski, Mayville, site supervisor
Dante Moore, Panama, DSP careerist
Kenneth Moskwa, Jamestown, cook
Lacie Munson, Jamestown, LPN
Megan Nation, Randolph, job coach
Aliza Neal, Frewsburg, job coach
Tara Nitkiewicz, Sherman, residence coordinator
Lynford Osgood, Jamestown, assistant residence manager
Michelle Pattison, Cassadaga, day services supervisor
Patricia Perlee, Jamestown, board member
Todd Rapp, Jamestown, registered nurse
John Rogers, Falconer, production maintenance technician
Lisa Roland, Forestville, DSP lead
Allison Rounds, Falconer, patient access specialist
Jodi Sadlowe, Jamestown, accounts receivable specialist
Alice Sanchez, Falconer, lead manufacturing supervisor
Gina Sink, Jamestown, applied behavioral science specialist
Ada Sommers, Kennedy, community coach
Joshua Straight, Jamestown, business systems analyst
Lexi Stroebel, Mayville, medical aide
Shannon Studd, Jamestown, human resources specialist
Shelby Surrena, Frewsburg, behavior intervention specialist
Carl Swanson, Jamestown, community coach
Linda Ward, Lily Dale, licensed certified social worker

Some of our five-year employees pose together.

Employees were called forward one at a time to be thanked for their years of dedicated service. Staff with 15 or more years at The Resource Center received a monetary award and a gift (40 years – picture frame; 35 years – clock; 30 years – paperweight; 25 years – pen and letter opener; 20 years and 15 years – jacket or fleece). Employees with 10 or five years of service received a jacket or a fleece.

Welcoming remarks were given by Morton.

“If you have been here for at least five years,” Morton said, “at some point along the way you made a commitment to share your talents, use your knowledge, develop your expertise, and give a part of yourself to The Resource Center mission and the people we serve.”

Remarks also were made by Executive Director Denise Jones and R. Michael Goldman, board president.

Jones said she was not aware of any other organization that takes time to honor so many of its employees on an annual basis. “It’s always striking, the teamwork that we have here, and all of the history that we have as an organization. So thank you all for making that commitment to the people that we support, to your team members and to the organization. It really is appreciated.”

The Resource Center has been supporting Chautauqua County residents with disabilities, and their families, since 1958. The agency also offers a variety of health-related services that are available to anyone in the community; these services include primary care, dental care, counseling and psychiatric services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, audiology, and podiatry.

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