The Resource Center welcomes new dentist

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The Resource Center is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. William Veazey to the staff of its dental offices.

Dr. William Veazey poses with Executive Director Denise Jones in one of TRC Community Health Center’s newly redesigned dental operatories.

Dr. William Veazey poses with Executive Director Denise Jones in one of TRC Community Health Center’s newly redesigned dental operatories.

Dr. Veazey, who most recently practiced in Buffalo, said he was drawn to The Resource Center because of TRC’s commitment to meeting the dental needs of people with disabilities. He said he has worked on patients with special needs at a hospital in Hornell and during his time in the military.

“I enjoy the work. It’s gratifying to take care of people who sometimes can’t take care of themselves,” Dr. Veazey said. “You have to be extremely compassionate. You have to have a special demeanor to approach the patients.”

He said he has arrived at The Resource Center at a great time, given that the Jamestown office has been newly remodeled and expanded, while the Dunkirk office was renovated within the past two years.

“I think some of the equipment had never been used before I arrived,” he joked in reference to the Jamestown office.

Dr. Veazey has enjoyed his time at The Resource Center thus far. “I’ve got awesome people to work with, and that makes a big difference.”

Dr. Veazey earned his doctor of dental medicine degree from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. He spent five years as a dental officer in the U.S. Navy before completing his fellowship at the University of Florida and his residency at Erie County Medical Center. His professional history includes working as an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry. After working at the Sister Rene Dental Center in Hornell, Dr. Veazey operated Olean Family Dentistry for six years. He also has worked in Buffalo, Binghamton and East Rochester.

“Dr. Veazey is a tremendous addition to our team and is a pleasure to work with,” said Marcia Restivo, Clinical Services Director. “His years of experience are uniquely coupled with a drive to learn and innovate. This combination is a recipe for great clinical care, as evidenced in the glowing feedback from patients. TRC Community Health Center and the Chautauqua region are fortunate to welcome him.”

An inventor and published author, Dr. Veazey is a part-time graduate student with his eyes toward the sky.

“I’m in a space studies graduate program and pursuing an undergraduate engineering degree in order to have credentials to solve biomedical engineering problems and design and build equipment, as a continuation from my research fellowship.” He said he’s always been interested in space.

“I was a kid in the front yard with a telescope in winter. That’s the best time to see the stars, because the sky is less hazy.”

Dr. Veazey’s other interests include cycling, hiking, running, and snowshoeing.

Although he grew up in Mississippi and has seen much of the world during his time in the Navy, Dr. Veazey said he enjoys living in New York State. “I like the people, I like the mountains, I like the streams. I like that I’m close to big cities,” he said. “This is home to me at this point.”

Dr. Veazey works in TRC Community Health Center, 890 East Second Street in Jamestown, on Mondays and Thursdays. He practices in The Resource Center’s Dunkirk dental office, 186 Lake Shore Drive West, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In addition to serving people with disabilities, The Resource Center’s dental offices can see anyone else in the community. To make an appointment, phone the Jamestown office at 661-1431 or the Dunkirk office at 366-1661.

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