The Resource Center, through it’s Allied Industries manufacturing division, is proud to offer many of the products we have produced for the US Armed Forces, to the consumer market. Please visit our e-commerce sites below to purchase these products or to learn more!

Military and tactical gear for sale online

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TRC Tactical™, a division of The Resource Center, has facilities in Jamestown, Dunkirk and Buffalo New York. Manufacturing operations employing differently able people, TRC Tactical™ is best known for the specialized military gear products it manufactures as Allied Industries. This incredibly rugged equipment is used by special operations personnel throughout the United States military, including the nation’s most elite forces. Today, civilian military, tactical, and law enforcement versions of this special gear are available to discerning consumers through the TRC Tactical™ line of high quality, durable products.

TRC TACTICAL™ wants to have you experience the best products made by extraordinary people – people with disabilities. Their aspirations and the inspirations they provide will give you a sense of pride and joy when using our TRC TACTICAL products.

Tool storage home products for sale on line

Tool Storage | Home Products is an e-commerce business developed and managed by Support Enterprises, a for-profit manufacturer in Chautauqua County, New York. Support Enterprises contributes funds to several non-profit organizations which help the disabled.’s mission is to provide a retail arm direct to consumer website for Support Enterprises to distribute quality products and help various programs in-need which support and employ persons with disabilities.

Buy Art Creation Products online

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The Creations Art Program provides instruction and support to artists, who happen to have a cognitive, developmental, and/or physical disability. With the guidance of an art teacher, along with some technical assistance at times, the artists have the opportunity to develop their skills and cultivate their artistic expression through a variety of mediums.