ICFs and IRAs


Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) and Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA) are certified settings located throughout the community.  Each home is individualized upon the needs of the individuals that reside in the home.  In these homes, the individuals:

•    Assist in the development of their schedules and activities including day or work schedules
•    Have visitors of their choice
•    Help in the preparation of meals, including choice of the meals and shopping for the meals
•    Have a setting that optimizes autonomy and independence in making life choices on daily activities, physical environment and with whom to interact
•    Have involvement in the community through activities and volunteering
•    Have the support they need to be able to make informed choices.

Supports within the certified homes include behavioral, nursing, dietary, OT, PT and speech depending on the need of the individual.

For more information about ICFs or IRAs, please phone (716) 483-2344.

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