You will be working more independently. These positions are for those able and willing to go out into the local community. You may be placed to clean one of our many TRC facilities or go out to places such as Jamestown’s City Hall or the rest stops on the highly traveled Interstate 86 where you will be doing jobs such as cleaning, washing and waxing floors and windows, and performing janitorial duties. These positions are all different shifts and public transportation is available if you cannot provide transportation for yourself. This is a fun and fulfilling job to know you can service and keep your community clean, and get paid minimum wage or better at the same time!


Ron Privitera works at the rest area on the eastbound lane of Interstate 86 in Chautauqua County. It is a beautiful building that overlooks Chautauqua Lake. Ron has the privilege of cleaning the building for the The Resource Center where they have a cleaning contract with the NYS Department of Transportation and NYSID employs Ron as the custodian.

Cleaning this building is very important because this is most often the first stop that tourists stop at while traveling through our area, and a good first impression is a must. This facility is open 365 days a year. The cleaning crew is very proud of the job that they do, and have received many compliments from its visitors.

Ron came to TRC in 2005, the same year he graduated high school. His prior duties mowing lawns and helping relatives clean a local hotel prepared him for this job. While not only becoming an excellent cleaner through his job at the rest area, he has developed many friends with all who work with him. Ron states that before he started his job, he was quiet and not very outgoing, but after working at the rest area, meeting people from all over the world and hearing amazing stories of their travels, he has become much more social.

Rons goal is to get his own apartment and become more independent, and he has told us that this job is one of the bricks in the foundation of his independence. As part of his goal, he has acquired his driver’s license and purchased a car with his earnings. Outside of work, Ron has an interesting hobby, making digital videos, which he started back in school. He shares the videos with friends and relatives, and also posts some on YouTube.

Ron is an excellent employee and friend to many people at The Resource Center. His work and attendance are extraordinary!

Reaching your goals

If your goal is to find employment, work at one of The Resource Center work Centers, or start with us and work your way into the community- we will help you achieve those goals. We have numerous employment services that can assist you in obtaining a job!

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