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Supported Employment is dedicated to providing employers and local businesses with a solid employee to enhance the future success of your company. This service guarantees a 100 percent employee from the first day he or she arrives on the job. We can guarantee this service through our supported involvement. Here is a look at all the ways our program is beneficial to your company.

  • Our individuals are pre-screened to ensure that they are ready and motivated to begin working.
  • We believe in a perfect match. This means assisting the individuals in finding employment that the individual is able and interested in performing to ensure you, the employer, is getting a quality employee.
  • Assistance is provided in all responsibilities of employment by a Job Coach – paid for and insured by The Resource Center, and a benefit to you the employer.
  • Job Coaches ensure that the individual accomplishes all tasks and company needs with excellence, so that your company functions at its highest capacity.
  • We offer Job Carving, in which we study your company’s daily operations and try to identify a job that can be time-consuming for one employee, and possibly turn it into two different positions, thus enhancing your company’s efficiency.
  • Supported Employment also offers Job Sharing, which enables your company to take one full-time position and break it into two part-time positions. This benefits your company by cutting the costs of employee benefits, as well as creating the ability to assist when there is a need for someone to fill in due to employee vacations.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) information and training.
  • Our program also has a direct financial benefit through the opportunity of a tax credit. The first year there is a credit of up to $2,400, and the second year a credit of up to $2,100.

Supported Employment continues to work on the accommodations of both the individuals and employers to make a strong, successful relationship. Your participation with our program may open up endless possibilities for the future success of your company.

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