Job Placement Services

“Providing assistance to enter or rediscover the local job market …”

What is Job Placement?

Job Placement services allow an Employment Specialist to work with each individual to maximize independence to enable learning and understanding of the job search process. The goal is to obtain employment in a field of work that will be of interest and that the individual can successfully maintain based upon disability or other barrier to employment and be financially viable.

An individual referred for Job Placement services from VESID often has a work history and has experienced barriers to maintaining ongoing employment or is requiring assistance to explore other options after a disabling condition has occurred. Many individuals have been out of the workforce for periods of time.

Our Job Placement staff specialize in assisting individuals to successfully reenter the workforce and can help the individual anticipate and plan for issues that could encounter such as fatigue, anxiety uncertainty and learning new skills.

Provision of employment related counseling will be provided to address information relevant to specific job openings, job duties, skills needed, hours, wages, transportation, benefits advisement and working conditions.

Follow up is provided for a minimum of 90 days subsequent to the start of employment. Contacts are made at a minimum at the 2-week; 30,60 and 90 day point with both the individual and the employer to ensure the placement is meeting the needs of both parties.

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