Children’s Services

The Resource Center is committed to supporting children and youths from birth to age 22 with developmental challenges, and their families, in achieving maximum independence, contributing to their community, experiencing lifelong growth, and quality of life.

To support our mission, the Children’s Services Clinical Team offers an array of services ranging from comprehensive psychosocial assessments, evaluations and screenings to educational supports, advocacy and referrals for infants, preschoolers, school-age children, adolescents, and young adults. We provide supportive services that will improve your child’s skill level and abilities, and to give parents professional trainings and support groups that address children and family needs.

If you are thinking of starting a family, have concerns about your child, want educational material, need help, or are looking for a provider of a service, call on us.

The Resource Center is dedicated to serving your child and family needs. Come join our team of caring providers and celebrate the success of your family!

Links to Children & Youth Services:

Children Supports

Parents and Family Supports

School Supports

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