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Self Advocacy

The Resource Center offers Self-Advocacy groups for both Northern and Southern Chautauqua County. Self-Advocacy is designed for people with developmental disabilities to share and voice their concerns regarding social issues that affect their lives.

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Self-Directed Services

Self-Directed Services is an OPWDD initiative that provides a person and his or her family the opportunity to make decisions about what supports and services they need to enjoy meaningful relationships.

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Community Habilitation

The Resource Center offers Community Habilitation to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live independently in the community. The Community Habilitation service is designed to promote and enhance independent living skills.

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Day Services

The Day Services Department is comprised of Day Habilitation Programs at five locations in Chautauqua County. Day Hab is a compilation of supports and services that assist people with developmental disabilities to develop and attain life goals.

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Living Options

The Resource Center offers a variety of living options for individuals with developmental disabilities, ranging from round-the-clock care for those with specialized needs, to community-based homes operated by TRC, to providing supports that allow individuals to live on their own.

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Clinical Services

To support our mission, the Clinical Team offers an array of services ranging from comprehensive psychosocial assessments, evaluations and screenings to educational supports, advocacy and referrals.

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