As one of Chautauqua County’s largest employers, The Resource Center features a payroll of more than 1,200 people who work at 50 different sites.

Since we offer a variety of residential services, TRC has job opportunities available on all shifts. Full-time, part-time and substitute positions exist, and flexible scheduling is available. TRC features a range of jobs including direct support opportunities, office clerical work and a variety of professional and clinical positions. With dozens of workers with more than 20 years experience with the agency, TRC is an excellent career choice. Add in an outstanding benefit package, and TRC is an attractive option for those seeking to work for an agency dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabling conditions.

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You can download our outstanding benefit package in PDF format by clicking the image below.

The Resource Center Benefit Summary

Available To All Staff

  • Formalized Grading/Classification System: Designed to promote internal equity.
  • Open Communication: Handbooks, newsletters, bulletin boards, memo, pay attachments, Employee Quality Update and Learning Meetings.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Free confidential assistance with financial, legal, and mental health issues.
  • NYS Short-term Disability:  50% of wages to max. of $170/wk. for non-work related illnesses/injury.
  • Worker’s Compensation: 67% of wages to max. of $500/wk. plus medical coverage for work related injuries.
  • Direct Deposit: W.A.W. Federal Credit Union or Key Bank: Transfer to any bank with EFT capabilities
  • Pension Plan {401(a)}: Annual % contribution of earnings.  Investment options are available.
  • Financial Planning/TSAs {403(b)}:  Financial representatives available to assist in long-term goal setting.
  • Auto/Homeowners Insurance:  Voluntary group discount program through Liberty Mutual
  • Staff Assistance: Supports staff by providing links to external/internal resources.

Available To Full-Time And Part-Time Staff (Scheduled at least 20 hours/week)

  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Plan: Accrued benefit time to be used for vacation, illness, or personal reasons.
  • Payroll-Deduction Supplemental Insurances: Employee pay-policies which include(s) supplemental life and short-term disability coverage.  Long-term disability insurance coverage available to full-time employees only.
  • Free Term Life Insurance: $10,000 on employee; $2500 for spouse and eligible dependents.
  • Health Insurance, Prescription drug benefits, and Dental Insurance: Eligible to participate in TRC- sponsored plans, but there is no agency contribution towards the cost of coverage for part-time employees.

Available To Full-Time Staff Only (Scheduled at least 35 hours/week)

  • Holiday Time: 10 holidays per calendar year. (6-month waiting period for bargaining unit employees)
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Benefit varies with union/non-union status. Refer to Employee Handbook/Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Flexible Spending Plan: Pre-tax payroll deductions for reimbursement of dependent care/medical expenses not covered by your insurance.  Eligible to contribute up to $5000/yr. in the dependent care account and $2600/yr. in the medical account.
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement: Employer-funded plan that provides reimbursement of medical expenses not covered by your insurance.
  • Dental Insurance: PPO Plan that provides comprehensive dental benefits, including orthodontic coverage, administered by NOVA. Can be purchased separately or in conjunction with medical/prescription plan.
  • Prescription drug benefits: Comprehensive formulary covering most scripts.  Three-tier co-pay plans with $5 discount on Tier 1 and Tier 2 medications at The Resource Center Pharmacy. Plans administered by Independent Health. Co-pays vary depending on medical plan selection. Enrollment is automatic with enrollment in medical plan of your choice.
  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive medical plan that provides two affordable alternatives, administered by Independent Health.
  • Wellness Program: Available to employees enrolled in TRC Healthcare Plan.  Provides wide variety of benefits, including smoking cessation, weight management, disease management and offers incentives for participation.

All benefits are subject to eligibility requirements.

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