The Resource Center’s Board of Directors: from left, R. Michael Goldman, Esq.; Donna Haenggi; Richard Erickson; Julie McCarthy; Wayne Ormsby; Barbara Stewart; Jennifer Yost; Craig Colburn; Marie Carrubba, Esq.; Todd Jacobson, M.D.; Patricia Perlee; Dawn Columbare; Marlene Sirianno, Esq. Missing from the photo are Thomas Glatz and Carole Johnson.

The Resource Center is governed by a Board of Directors composed of community leaders and family members who volunteer their time, experience and expertise to guide our agency in pursuing its mission.

2016-17 Board of Directors

Chair – R. Michael Goldman, Esq.
Vice Chair – Patricia Perlee
Secretary – Carole Johnson
Treasurer – Todd Jacobson, M.D.

Marie Carrubba, Esq.
Craig Colburn
Dawn Columbare
Richard Erickson
Thomas Glatz
Donna Haenggi
Julie McCarthy
Wayne Ormsby
Marlene Sirianno, Esq.
Barbara Stewart
Jennifer Yost